Teacher Development

Boost the skills, performance, confidence and effectiveness of your teaching staff.

Our teacher development programme is usually based on a City & Guilds model. Backed with a Royal Charter, City & Guilds dates back to 1878 and is a world leader in education and training standards.

Your staff will be able to observe outstanding lessons and talk face to face with the teachers who deliver them. We will look together at different models of delivering excellent teaching and training.

In our partnership with the Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS) in Ahmedabad, India, this collaborative approach is working brilliantly. With our colleagues at MGIS we are exploring the use of multimedia and filmmaking to develop interactive and exciting teaching materials. As part of the project, 5,000 teachers in the UK and India will receive training that is supported and documented by multimedia resources.

The work stemming from the partnership has the potential to bring about positive, systemic change in the way teachers are trained in both countries. We look forward to sharing our learning with you too.

Our emphasis is to help your institution develop a student-focused and inspiring approach to teaching; one which identified and meets the needs of every individual.