Make sure your learners graduate with the skills they need to be confident, valued members of the workforce.

Unemployment, especially among young people, is a problem throughout the world. We can help you find ways to ensure your students graduate with the skills they need to go straight into the workforce. We will share with you our knowledge of managing work experience and teaching vital skills (including literacy, numeracy and IT), soft skills (including team work and communication) and vocational training.

Here in the UK we also work with Jobcentres to support unemployed adults. We offer short, skills-focused training and teach people useful skills, such as job searching, resumé (curriculum vitae or CV) writing and interview techniques. We will share our knowledge of this with you, as well as our experience in supporting companies with recruitment.

In South Africa we’re working with one college to address skills gaps within its local workforce by establishing a solar academy. We are also helping another institution set up two highly relevant new qualifications.