The impact of Internationalisation on Dudley College of Technology

Dudley College has long been delivering training around the world and has built an international reputation for its work. But the benefit of this activity so often focusses on the participants in those countries Dudley staff and students are visiting, as opposed to the benefits for the colleges own employees and learners. So a recently commissioned British Council report has focussed on the range of benefits for the college’s own learners and staff.

The report identifies three key areas of gain as:

  • Increased mobility opportunities including opportunities for Dudley College’s students to travel worldwide and broaden their cultural awareness and global experience.
  • Enhanced staff development for teachers who are sharing and learning from colleagues in Europe through the Erasmus project and globally through their work in India and Saudi Arabia.
  • Broader professional development opportunities through the organisations participation in the UK India Research Initiative.

To read the full report visit the British Council website.

To know more about the work Dudley College of Technology does overseas please feel free to browse our Worldwide website.