Technical Industrial Institute of Taiz Al Hoban, Yemen

A quality-assurance unit

Our partnership with TII has been running since 2010, thanks to Skills for Employability funding from the British Council. TII asked Dudley College for support in establishing a quality assurance (QA) unit. Our partners from TII visited us at Dudley College in 2012. We returned their visit in June 2013. We shared knowledge of QA, employer engagement and vocational training, focusing on TII’s specialism in refrigeration and air conditioning. We provided TII with policies and procedures relating to QA. This included a model for carrying out teaching observations, based on the UK’s OFSTED inspection system and tailored to local requirements.

TII’s Dean, Mansour Ahmed Ali Mana, and Co-ordinator of Quality, Jalal Alkamali, showed strong and innovative leadership in establishing a QA unit for the institute. This led to a full QA system. TII now has a successful course representative system, a student union, and a teaching observation team.

More than 200 teachers and other staff members at TII were involved in the first phase of our partnership. Now they are working with employers to ensure TII’s curricula and training are tailored to workplace requirements.

‘Partnership of the Year’

The British Council has highlighted TII and Dudley College’s work as a model of good practice in several publications. In 2013 it awarded our joint “commitment, hard work and considerable achievements” with Partnership of the Year, its “ultimate accolade for international partnership projects”.

The basis for policy change?

Although the two-year Skills for Employability phase has ended, our relationship with TII continues. Dudley College is devising a programme of training and consultancy for TII, extending its QA model to include examination and assessment processes and self-assessment.

Thanks to our success with TII, Dudley College has been delivering training based on the OFSTED framework to college inspectors throughout Yemen. Following a positive meeting with the Yemeni Minister of Technical Education & Vocational Training, the TII-Dudley College partnership could even become the basis for policy change in the country.

“Because of its ground-breaking approach to embedding quality and employability into the curriculum and administration of the institute, TII is now viewed as a centre of excellence for vocational learning by those within the sector, in industry and the general public” British Council

“Our institute has become locally and nationally recognised thanks to the keen support of the British Council and the effective partnership with Dudley College.” Mansour Ahmed Ali Mana, Dean, TII

“Our role is to build upon this foundation and create something that brings long-term benefits not just to the partners, but also to young people, employers and the wider community.” Sanjeev Ohri, Vice Principal, Dudley College