Dudley College’s Partnership with the State Polytechnic of Kupang

Three of our colleagues from Dudley College have recently returned from Indonesia, having spent time in the country supporting the State Polytechnic of Kupang (PNK). The visit was part of our International Skills Partnership, funded by the British Council, which has brought together two leading providers of technical education to build capacity in the fields of Renewable Enegery and Hospitality and Catering.

This is a project of great interest in Indonesia, as currently Kupang is facing unavoidable electricity shortages due to limitations on energy production from the local diesel power plant. In addition to this, the province in which PNK is based has been designated a priority area for the development of solar power. The province is rich in natural resources and has great potential to develop solar power, but the lack of knowledge and expertise in this field have become a major obstacle to development. Alongside this, the province has also been selected as one of Indonnesia’s national tourist destinations due to its strategic position.

Dudley is therefore supporting PNK by sharing our expertise in these areas. The best way to do this is practically, and so we deployed a team of three staff to Indonesia to give practical demonstrations of the skills that PNK to move forward in their work in Kupang. Phil Kendrick provided valuable Solar PV updating to trainers in the field of Renewable Energy, while April Hingley and Andrew Woodford worked with staff and students in PNK’s Catering department, sharing their culinary expertise and advising on how to establish a training kitchen, building on the success of ‘Stir’ at Dudley College.

The next steps of the project will be to share our experiences of delivering training for the Tourism sector, as well as further visits and information sharing, with the aim of obtaining centre accreditation for PNK through an internationally recognised awarding organisation. Once this has happened, it is our ambition that this will move on to become a British Council-accredited Advanced Skills Partnership. It is clear from the way this project has been developing that the partnership will go from strength to strength, changing the lives of young people in both Dudley and Kupang.